The World of Star Trek: Blending Science and Fiction for 50 Years

CBS All Access streaming service recently announced Star Trek: Discovery, its hit new sci-fi series, has been picked up for a second season. More than 50 years after the release of the original TV show, Star Trek is once again trending. The success of this latest iteration of the iconic franchise is a testament to […]


Planet of the Apes Thermos an Escape Into Sci-Fi Illustration

In an age when tie-in merchandise for popular TV shows, movies, books and video games is as prevalent and diverse as the produce at your local Whole Foods Market, it’s fascinating to look back at a relic of the past such as a vintage 1974 Planet of the Apes school lunchbox thermos. Consider the kid […]


Streaming TV Seeking Sci-Fi Content

Streaming TV networks such as NetFlix, Hulu, and Amazon have increased the demand for science fiction content. In addition to looking towards comic books for intellectual property TV networks are increasingly turning towards science fiction novels. And elsewhere. The larger multiverse of IP sources has become more constrained. The worlds of comic books and big […]


George Lucas & Making of Star Wars

Making Of Star Wars Original Trilogy You can see the obvious influence of Metropolis in the earliest realization of C3PO, and George Lucas admits that he drew upon all of the world history of mythology and mysticism in creating the Star Wars universe. In fact, George Lucas readily admits to numerous influences including Joseph Campbell’s […]


Call for Sci-Fi Illustrators

The call for sci-fi illustrators for our first project is officially open! We’re looking to begin the process of finding artists for our first project, Dawn of the Paladin. There are two ways that you can submit your artwork: Upload it to Instagram and use #TritonCityArt and Join and upload your work to our Facebook […]


Dawn of the Paladin Trailer

Check out the “Dawn of the Paladin” concept video presented by Triton City Entertainment. Introduction A small group of peacekeepers called The Paladin protect a remote three planet colony, Vintoo, Salanan, and Tscho. The Paladin are led by Loran and Tet, a father and son team who have developed a new fighting style that utilizes […]


Dirk Hoogstra Launches Digital Venture

Former History general manager Dirk Hoogstra is launching a new company. The longtime History exec has started a new digital venture, Triton City Entertainment, to develop potential sci-fi franchises for TV and film, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The stories will first debut on e-graphic novel-like digital platforms that are currently under construction. Those platforms […]


Triton City Entertainment

We’re partnering with creators from within the community of sci-fi artists, writers and fans to build new franchises for movies and tv. Triton City is a company that will build the next big franchise from the ground up. Imagine Star Wars in it’s infancy. We’re going to be building out stories working with writers, illustrators, […]